Indian Summer?

I was once told about the beauty of the Indian summer in North America. Well, I am sure it is beautiful indeed. However, I am also convinced that our autumns are in no way inferior to them. This is the autumn I have grown up with - nothing can ever compare to your home country.

Our Indian summer includes larches and birches changing from yellow to gold to amber to copper, warm colours contrasting most wonderfully with the majestic mountains and rock faces. Alpinists use the last warm days of the year to climb in the Dolomites, to hike to shelters already closed or huts still open, catching the last rays of sun. As soon as it sets, it gets cold, so you better bring a warm jacket.

In some ways, autumn is the most intense season of the year, when summer is still in our hearts and on our minds, and we can see the memories of summer days gone by reflected in clear mountain lakes. As we raise our eyes, our gaze falls on snowy peaks, the heralds of the approaching winter.


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