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Our offers need to be seen as suggestions - suggestions we have come up with after trying out and testing different things, routes and variants. We have a detailed idea of what a tour could look like. For the rest, we are open to new ideas, suggestions and variants. Our planning remains flexible and we gladly consider customer wishes. We trust in tried and tested, and we build on innovation and progress.

The rest is up to you. Either you opt for tried and tested, and trust our experience and expertise, or you help us develop by bringing in new ideas and  suggestions.

We hope to see you soon. Until then, have fun reading and exploring this website, learn and discover new things, and marvel at the fascinating mountain worlds.


Günther Ausserhofer
Berg- und Skiführer
Dorfstrasse 29
I-39030 Luttach
Mobil: +39 347 4138336

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