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About me

I love laughing. In fact, I laugh and smile all the time. I think that's because doing what I do makes me so happy. Have you ever experienced dense fog, the kind of fog that muffles you like a heavy cloak and starts weighing on your soul? Have you ever experienced the moment when you break through that fog, when you free your head and soul from it, and see nothing but sunlight and blue skies, and when looking back, looking down, you see that heavy, burdening fog like a soft, fluffy white carpet at your feet? This is why I became a mountain guide. It allows me to leave all burdens down in the valley.

My job is as varied and versatile as the offers we make: rock and ice climbing, hiking over hill and dale, high mountain area tours taking me to the highest summits, ski tours down the greatest slopes, challenging or relaxing MTB tours, cosy igloo nights, and interesting, informative courses. Welcome to my world, the world of the mountains, where things are still in order. Follow me to experience these fascinating mountain worlds, and let them inspire you.

Time lapse: My life

- born in August 1983

- graduated in 2002 (main subjects: electronics and telecommunication)

- full-time mountain and ski guide since 2009

- technical instructor for South Tyrolean mountain rescue teams

- outdoor team trainer and coach

- S.I.M.B MTB instructor

- canyoning guide since 2015


Günther Ausserhofer
Mountain guide
Dorfstrasse 29
I-39030 Luttach
Mobil: +39 347 4138336

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