Sharing the experience, the fatigue and the cost


You have the perfect tour in mind but lack the wherewithal? Don't worry. My service can be shared. We'll find a suitable partner for your tour who will share not only the experience and the fatigue of the ascent but also the costs for the guide.  Our guide sharing offers will allow you to go on great tours for little money.

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Team up for an even greater mountain adventure

Loads of people have great ideas as to where they would like to go and what they would like to try out one day. Many of them, unfortunately, never make their dreams come true because they do not want to go on such an adventure alone. Finding a guide is one thing, finding an additional partner to share the experience with is another.

Our guide sharing programme is the ideal solution. You will find someone to share the adventure and the costs with. Guide sharing guarantees safety on the tour, maximum experience and low costs. It's easy and it's perfect - try it!

Our FASZINATION BERG - Fascinating Mountain Worlds team has only had positive and very positive experiences with, and feedback on, guide sharing so far. Often an evening, after an exhausting and thrilling tour, a final glass of wine has sealed a new friendship, born from the intense experience of the day. Many times, these newly found friends left with their next tour together already planned.


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I can be shared. You know where you want to go but lack the right partner for it? We can form a team or group. This is how it works:

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