The art of climbing

Sport climbing

Tiny holds, rough surfaces hardly visible from the ground - a truly challenging climbing experience which will make time fly. There'll be only one thought: How can I go on?

Welcome to the world of sports climbing.

Climbing on rough wallpaper

Some climbing freaks started this seemingly crazy sport in the late 1960s. In Californian national parks they set their fingertips on practically non-existent holds and put their feet on rock faces as smooth as a mirror. This was the beginning of sports climbing, a sport which developed incredibly fast alongside other disciplines of Alpinism. By now, level 12 has been reached. High difficulty levels are also climbed on high walls these days. Sport climbing competitions are becoming not only becoming more popular and more fascinating, but also more and more demanding as climbing is leaving the merely vertical world and is moving towards challenging overhang ledges.

The more, the merrier

Sports and social networks have one thing in common: They bring people together. Sport climbing in particular helps create strong social bonds. Generally, climbing has always been an activity involving solidarity, companionship, mutual trust and understanding as well as team spirit and responsibility. Very few climbers have been successful entirely on their own. To me, sport climbing means fun, entertainment and good times spent with friends.

Don't work around the clock, climb around the year!

Sport climbing is a great sport that can be practised all year round - there's always a sunny, dry spot somewhere. Unsurprisingly, sport climbing has turned into a favourite with the young and young-at-heart, with adults and children alike. A wide range of difficulty levels allows everybody to find a suitable climb. Finally, remember that there isn't anything good in life unless you DO it.

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