Pulling and pushing - moving vertically on rock

Rock climbing courses

Climbing is essentially based on one simple rule: triple contact. Either two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand should never lose contact with the rock. While moving, there should always be three points of anchorage. Learn how to do this and many other things in one of our climbing courses to make climbing a fun, but also safe experience.

Acquire climbing skills in our courses

Verticality is an adventure. Funnily enough, we often feel as if vertical walls were  overhanging ledges already. This is easily explained: In order to move forward, the upper part of our body needs to move away from the rock face. What sounds so logical in theory isn't easy in practice. The good news is: It's neither just about feeling nor just about strength. It's mainly about technique,  and that we can teach you!

Let's get started on real rock. You'll soon understand that a grade 6 outdoor route on rock cannot be compared to a grade 6 indoor route. The rock offers a multitude of holds to choose from - they are not colour-coded, artificial holds that help you find your route. On real rock, making the right choice is the first challenge, and may, in more serious circumstances, be life-saving. In addition to that, we will look at securing techniques and will learn how to reduce and avoid the risks involved in rock climbing.

Expert advice needed

Climbing possibly is the most playful and creative discipline in Alpinism. With the right climbing and securing techniques, this sport turns into a real adventure. Climbing is also a very natural sport. Man seems to have an intrinsic, innate drive and instinct for it (Darwin is rolling his eyes). Children enjoy climbing on trees and playground jungle gyms. Adults sometimes rediscover their interest in climbing and take up the sport. Climbing is complex, though, and expert advice will be needed for safe and successful climbing. Getting a good instructor is advisable.

Out of the chimney

Acquire plenty of useful knowledge in our fun taster courses. Learn how to secure yourself, how to position and use quickdraws (=extenders) for interim securing, how to create and modify belay stations, and how to use different techniques to make your climbing more efficient and less strenuous. Learn how to move out of tricky spots and find the right hold to move on, or back. Don't get stuck in a chimney when you can scale it on the outside. Finally, we will learn the forbidden - falling. Accidents do happen. The better prepared you are, the smaller the risk of severe injury.

Have fun and learn. This will pave the road to successful, safe and elegant rock climbing.

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