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Getting from A to B without any motorized help doesn't leave too many options. The fastest, however, is by bike. What originally was developed out of a need and necessity has become a trend and a sport. MTB tours are booming. Steep descents, considered impossible to ride down just a few years ago, have now become popular challenges - for the bike as well as for the biker. Today's mountain bikers often are daredevils whizzing downhill with a cry of joy.

Why the bike was invented

After a long and strenuous tour or a difficult climb I have often stood on a mountain, looking down into the valley, wishing I had a bike to simply whizz down the slopes, avoiding a long and steep descent that would set my tired legs and knees shaking. In fact, if there is one thing that mountaineers find a rather pointless nuisance, then it is the descent - mostly, there is nothing new to achieve there. I could very well imagine that was the real reason MTB was invented. Who would not prefer a fun ride down instead of a long and tiring descent?

MTB has become a sport and an industry. The bikes used for the sport are becoming more and more developed - stronger and lighter. MTB is developing a little bit like ski touring: A tough ascent is rewarded with an exciting descent. In fact, the descent becomes the real highlight of such tours, completely inverting the original purpose of a tour. It is no longer about going up, reaching a shelter or summit; it's about going down!

Future trends

It sure is interesting to think about the countless possibilities we have. They get particularly interesting when we start combing them. Bike and hike, for example, could become a future trend. Ride your MTB up as far as possible, then continue the tour on foot, climb a summit, find a lake... This seems a fair way of going mountain climbing. Green, and therefore in. In addition, e-bikes could develop into a new trend. The small electric engine will allow almost anybody to cycle uphill, permitting more people to enjoy the mountains. E-bikes are improving fast and their popularity has been increasing for some time now. The electric support will make pedalling interesting for a larger target group, this increasing the popularity of MTB tours. Perhaps e-bikes will take us even further than normal MTBs - but, shush, don't tell anybody I said that.

Ready, set, go!

Whether muscle-powered or engine-powered, MTB tours in the Ahrntal valley guarantee unforgettable biking experiences. The number of recommendable tours available is astonishing and will easily fill an entire week. Additional great tours can be found in the Dolomites. Did you know that the legendary Sella Ronda tour (skiing) can now be explored by MTB, too? All ropeways can be used for that.

Together with our partners KREAKTIV we offer many different tours and many different rental bikes, ranging from tour bikes to fully bikes which are suitable for demanding trails.

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