Winter Wonderland:
Bivouacking in an igloo

Mountain Igloo

Sleeping in the mountains, perhaps even under the open sky, holds a special kind of fascination for many people. What sounds romantic for summer nights, turns into a real challenge during the winter months. Inside an igloo, even cold winter nights turn into an adventure. In the Ahrntal valley, we'll allow you to spend a night like the Inuit, well protected from the cold inside an igloo.

One night as an Inuit

The Inuit, formerly generally referred to as Eskimos, are the native inhabitants of the hostile, snowy and icy worlds of Greenland and the Arctic. Today, there are about 150,000 Inuit left. Most of them live as semi-nomads or are settled. Inuit used to build igloos in winter and on travels, not all year round. Modern civilisations are fascinated by the igloos' unusual  architecture and building material. Spending a night in an igloo, like an Inuit, becomes possible with us. Since we started building small igloos out of simple blocks of snow, we have come a long way and have optimised our constructions methods. Our igloos are now a lot bigger and strong enough for snowcats to pass over them.

A Midwinter Night's Dream

A night under the stars, well-protected from the cold inside a cosy igloo. Does that sound inviting? Our igloos are truly luxurious bedrooms compared to the original shelters built by the Inuit. Adults and children, singles and couples, families, friends and other groups appreciate our adventurous offers. Spend an unforgettable night as an Inuit, too!

Bivouacking deluxe

Our igloo offers include a three-course menu consisting of local specialties and traditional dishes, and wellness (sauna and a hot bath in our gigantic traditional washtub). Your beds will be made of warm, woolly sleeping bags to spend a cuddly, romantic night in. In the afternoon, you can decide between a ski tour or a snowshoe hike. In the evening, when all skiers have long returned to the valley and the peaks of the Zillertal Alps are softly lit by moonlight, the real adventure starts. Light a candle, cuddle into your sleeping bag and feel like an Inuit for one magical night. See you for breakfast in the morning. Sleep tight.

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