An exciting adventure high above the ground

High ropes course

A day on the high rope course means maximum entertainment for children and adults alike.  80 elements and climbing challenges up to 20 metres above the ground await you in the so-called "Enzwaldile". The park offers different levels of difficulty to suit both beginners and skilled climbers. The high rope course also convinces with highly developed securing devices going beyond standard safety measures. Have fun, climb safely!

High above the ground: 80 elements in

It was a bleak, cold winter's day back in 2010 when my good friend Wilfried (Wilfried Steger, adventure and experiential education) and I were having lunch together, wondering what to do with all the surplus energy that had piled up in us during the weeks of winter. Eventually, the idea of a climbing park, a high rope course, started to form in our heads. Once the idea was born, we could see it all in our minds and soon started work. We were eagerly searching for a suitable place when we found the perfect spot: the "Enzwaldile", which translates as '(little) forest of the Enz', not far from the valley station of the Klausberg ropeway in the Ahrntal valley, our home valley. This forest consists of tall, old, majestic trees, not standing too close to each other, reaching far up into the sky. These trees were just about perfect.

Tree top adventures

In the past, the Enzwaldile was known for celebrations and parties, and a lovers' hideout. This place was now to become something new and something great. We sought advice and support, for we had never built anything like it, and safety measures, more than anything else, were to be taken seriously. We started constructing our park in winter. It was bitterly cold and there were times when we simply wanted to give up. But little by little the park came into existence, resembling our initial idea more and more. Today, there are nine different courses and a total of over 80 elements high up in the tree tops. The challenges include rope slides, nets, abseil manoeuvres, pendulum tasks, dandle boards and many other exciting tasks. Get ready for some adventurous entertainment  and the occasional thrill and rush of adrenaline high up in the air.

Adventures 20 metres above the ground

Some of the trees in the Enzwaldile grow over 20 metres high, almost allowing climbers to touch the sky. For the high rope courses we needed almost three kilometres of rope. The entire park corresponds to the highest, most modern security standards. Since the opening of the park, we have seen many people outgrow themselves, overcoming their inhibitions, rising above their fears and mastering tasks they would never have believed themselves capable of. The high rope course is a thrilling experience and guarantees a lot of fun in a place steeped in legend. Or gossip.

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