Deep snow skiing that will leave you breathless


Speedy descents in deep powder, without strenuous ascents on climbing skins? That's freeriding. Ski lifts take freeriders up effortlessly. All they then have to do is find a suitable slope, and read it correctly. What's the avalanche risk today? If the risk is low, there is no holding back. The swift and exciting descent on powder will leave you breathless. Freeriding is a lot more adventurous than skiing on groomed runs. It is also more demanding and requires sensible riding.

Putting your mark on the snow

Freeriding is well-liked for the sensation of absolute freedom it gives. Untouched slopes, covered in fresh snow, allow you to leave your personal mark. This mark is short-lived, however, and might be covered up overnight. The thrill of the ride will remain in your memory for much longer, though!

Freeriding is a comparatively new sport in the Alps. It is an adventurous alternative to skiing on the often overcrowded groomed slopes and runs. The untouched snowscapes are extremely inviting and a speedy ride down through fresh powder is a thrilling experience. The snow should be at least knee-deep. Freeriding is not about the way up, so riders mostly use ski lifts for the ascent to save all their energy for the descent. 

Have fun,
stay safe!

Being at the right place at the right time guarantees fantastic freeriding experiences. For that, riders need to keep an eye on the weather and snow conditions throughout the winter months.

Finding the perfect slope isn't always easy. While fun is important, safety is more important. The most inviting slope might not be the safest. Safe freeriding requires profound knowledge about avalanches. Riders need to be able to judge the risks correctly and must know which slopes to ski on and which to stay away from.

Looking for perfect snow conditions

It's simple, really: We will watch you ski to judge your skills. You then tell us what you are looking for, and we will find the perfect spot for you. There are limits except for the natural ones the mountains may pose.

Freeriding opens up countless new possibilities. Riders can choose between gentle rides down through powdery snow and tough, steep descents including rappelling maneuvers challenging ambitious Alpinists. 8,000 metres of difference in height a day become possible if the conditions are perfect. The supreme discipline in freeriding is heli-skiing, which can be practised in Switzerland and Canada, a paradise for freeriders.

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