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The term canyoning comprises more than one might think. Canyoning includes hiking to and climbing into canyons - narrow winding gorges and ravines, carved into the rock by wild mountain streams. Canyoning requires skill, stamina, courage, and a strong will to experience something truly exceptional in an almost surreal place and unusual circumstances.

There's only one option:

Canyoning allows you to visit beautiful, hidden places inaccessible to most people. There are numerous such secret spots in our mountain worlds. Light and shade draw fantastic patterns and often the spray of the thundering water creates the most beautiful rainbows, even on perfectly sunny days. Canyoning goes beyond mountaineering, for it involves water in a way other disciplines of Alpinism do not. Apart from climbing ropes, harness, helmet and karabiners, the canyoning equipment also includes a neoprene suit, gloves and shoes that remind us of a cat's soft and skillful paws. Canyoning takes courage, it's often about overcoming ones fears, for example when jumping from a bridge into a canyon. Sometimes the water pool at the bottom of the canyon looks too small to hit. It takes courage to slide down wet and slippery rock faces and rock basins without really knowing where and how that slide is going to end. The experience of canyoning is as wild and thrilling as the thundering water itself and will undoubtedly leave you with a lasting impression and great memories.

Swimming climbers?

When mountaineers go for a swim, that can be an interesting experience. In the past, many great Alpinists couldn't swim. Their world were the rock faces and snowy peaks; water wasn't their element. Things have changed since swimming was first taught in schools. Most people nowadays know how to swim. Nonetheless, it is still true to some extent that mountaineers aren't keen swimmers. I myself didn't like water very much when I first started my training as a canyoning guide.

Deep, deep down in the canyon, a wild mountain stream is thundering. Jump, if you dare! If not, abseil. You'll need to go down either way. Canyoning is no longer a relaxing daytrip to the mountains, a hike across the rolling hills of Alpine pastures. Canyoning tours are physically and mentally demanding and include abseiling manoeuvres, jumping, sliding and, of course, swimming.

Cool or hot?

Canyoning in South Tyrol is varied, adventurous and challenging. Most canyons are very steep and going down is quite an endeavour. Still, there are tours for all likes and levels. Canyoning in the mountains is cool - literally. The water is quite cold. Warmer water can be found further south. Near Lake Garda, the Rio Nero has channelled out an adventurous river bed. The Rio Nero tour includes 28 abseil maneuvers, thus guaranteeing an extremely versatile and exciting tour.

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